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We offer a hiring-decision support tool modeled on your own data.

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We developed a customized job analysis and 20-minute bidirectional assessment that collects the unique job attributes, as well as cultural and behavioral expectations for any role. Our solution scales across any position in an organization.

Our technology evaluates applicants based on multiple dimensions: skills, experience, personality, workplace values, and soft skills —we call these "signals."

Using data science and machine learning, our recommender engine surfaces insightful information across applicants and allows you to compare them on our Signal Report—a powerful talent-screening and decision-support tool for hiring managers and recruiters.

Insights are also made available to universities and career centers, who serve a critical role in advising students as they seek job opportunities and launch their careers.

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Meet the Frontier Signal Team

We are a group of proven entrepreneurs and experts in data science, business, psychology and education.

Nelson Rockefeller Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Patty Kappmeyer
Vice President, Marketing and Client Success
Erik Ahlgren
Vice President, Technology
Darin Hartley
Vice President, Business Development & Solution Architecture
John Boyle
Vice President, Partnerships
Dean Locke
Vice President, Client Development
Yi Zhang
Data Scientist
Elizabeth Monroe
Data Scientist
Ryan Ahlgren
Software Engineer
Nicole Simmonds