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We are transforming hiring with rigorous science and a powerful recommender engine that screens and ranks applicants for you.
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Corporate Employers

Our technology assesses and ranks your applicants by how closely they match your top performers.

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Frontier Signal helps you play matchmaker between your job seekers and your corporate partners.

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Students & Individuals

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Why are we different?

Our team of scientists has developed an employer & job seeker bidirectional assessment that reveals traits, skills, and experience through a bias-free, algorithmic fit measurement.

Psychometric design

The result of years of scientific research:
Frontier Signal has created a new, holistic, and validated approach to define "fit" in a job.

Reliable & valid

Extensive testing by our team of data scientists shows our assessment is reliable and valid, and the questions are designed to prevent gaming of input.


The assessment collects no demographic information from its users, and its results are presented in a manner that allows a hiring manager to equally compare applicants.


The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete, and the Signal Report allows the hiring manager to learn about applicants in minutes.

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