Our Mission:

Accelerate job fit.

Using artificial intelligence to reveal job fit signals that create a better match.
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We offer a meaningful, objective, and efficient value exchange in hiring.

Hiring managers and job seekers engage in a process that is riddled with challenges:

  • Inefficiencies: Resumes and job descriptions are marketing tools used to introduce talent to an opportunity, not make a match.
  • Inherent bias: Preconceived notions of professional and educational pedigrees are not effective criteria for evaluating potential talent.
  • Not measuring what matters: Most hiring is focused primarily on evaluating skills and experience, and the job fit signals indicative of retaining talent—personal traits, culture, motivations, and preferences—are difficult to surface.
Driving change in how hiring happens.

Frontier Signal is...

We aid people in fulfilling their work ambitions, while enabling organizations to identify talent that will carry forth their missions.

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